DNP vs PhD

  Doctor of Nursing Practice PhD in Nursing
Primary Focus Nursing Practice Nursing Research
Degree Objectives To prepare nurses for leadership roles in a specialized area of advanced nursing practice with an emphasis on: philosophical, ethical, and scientific principles that provide the foundation for leadership in professional nursing care;  continued acquisition of knowledge and clinical skills in an area of advanced practice specialization; and leadership and clinical expertise in healthcare delivery, evaluation, quality improvement, and advanced practice nursing education To prepare nurse scientists and leaders in academia and health care systems. Graduates develop new knowledge for the science and practice of nursing and are leaders in generating and applying science needed to improve health care and inform and guide health policy. Graduates conduct research to improve the health of people from diverse cultures. Graduates develop and lead research teams of nurses, physicians, and members of other health care disciplines.
Employment Opportunities Clinical Educators, Health care administration, clinical nurse faculty Nurse scientist/researcher, educator and leader in academic, health care, and political systems
Core Courses Translational Research, Health Policy, Quality Improvement, Informatics, Organizational Systems, Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement Advanced Research Methods Statistics, Grantsmanship, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, Research with Vulnerable Populations, Knowledge Development in Nursing Science, Accessing, Managing, and Packaging Information, Academic, Health Care and Political Systems.
Clinical Hours Required 540 *None
Capstone Project Yes No
Dissertation No Yes
Distance Learning/Online Option Yes No
Part-time study Cohort format Yes
Point of entry Post master's in advanced nursing practice (Family, Adult, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthetist) BSN or MSN (or related master's degree)
Program Length 2 Years (6 semesters) 3 to 5 years
Credits Required MSN-DNP 36 BSN-PhD – 88 Credits
MSN-PhD – 61 Credits
Curriculum Focus Translation of evidence to practice, transformation of health care, Health care leadership, and Advanced Specialty Practice  Design and conduct rigorous research using advanced research methodology to address the health of the nation through the conduct of clinical research, dissemination of research findings through publications, and national and international presentations. Students develop a program of research based on advanced knowledge in their area of expertise.
GRE Required No Yes
* The BSN to PhD program does require clinical hours for the completion of clinical specialty which will vary

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